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Our Process & Timing

Agency Search Consultants

RSW/AgencySearch Process & Timing

The following outlines the process RSW/AgencySearch uses for its clients.


Phase I:

Discovery/Scope of Search Definition (1 week)

RSW/AgencySearch will conference with the client to understand the goals and objectives for the search. Following this discovery, a scope-of-search document will be developed and approved by client prior to start of search.

Phase II:

Agency Research/Interviews & RFI Submissions (3 weeks)

RSW/AgencySearch will review 100’s of agencies to initially narrow down their list, send out pre-qualifying questions to approximately 30 agencies, and then ultimately interview agencies that specifically meet the criteria defined in the Scope of Search. At the end of this period the following will be delivered:

• 6-10 Agency responses to the RSW/AgencySearch created/client approved RFI
• RSW/AgencySearch perspective/recommendations for each Agency.  Final agency list for pitches will typically be 2-3.

Phase III:

Pitch Management/Final Pitches/Agency Selection (4-5 weeks)

During this phase, RSW/AgencySearch will shepherd the 2-3 agencies through the pitch and final selection process, and operate as an intermediary with the client.

RSW/AgencySearch will offer counsel/insight into the final selection of the winning agency. RSW/AgencySearch will notify agencies not selected and outline rationale for selection.