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Our goal is to put a group of best-in-class agencies in front of you that are hard to choose from, because so many are so good.

We commit 2 months to the search process, from start to finish, with no guarantee of payment to us* unless you find an agency you absolutely love.

We bring decades of marketing and agency experience to our disciplined process.
We have helped nationally recognized companies and brands since 2010.
We manage project or AOR searches with marketing budgets $500k+.

We know where the best talent is, with our database of over 10k agencies.
* We make our money by taking a small commission from the winning agency.


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Finding Better Agencies Blog

In our latest 2017 New Year Outlook Survey Report, marketers tell us a number of things about their plans for investing in their business – and specifically, their plans to invest in technology. Things that should concern many agencies. 74% of marketers see their demands for marketing technology, increasing over the co […]

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I have been running/managing RSW/AgencySearch now for 6 years, helping marketers with agency searches. Of the 30 searches we’ve run, almost half have occurred post a marketing client having tried to manage their search on their own. They either started and simply could finish because it became far too overwhelming. Or […]

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In the final phases of an agency search for one of the nation’s largest credit unions and once again, I was amazed. I had an opportunity just this past week to sit through three pitch presentations from three agencies that all met the criteria of what we were looking for to support his client’s business. […] […]

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Some would call us crazy. Who in their right mind would work for you for 2+ months without a guarantee of making any money?   We would (and do) when we manage marketing agency searches for marketers like you. In 2010 I decided to start an Agency Search Firm, with the goal of managing searches […] […]

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