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Finding Better Agencies Blog

Pitches are a necessary evil for most agencies. They require a lot of time and energy, but then often don’t result in getting a project. As such, many agencies tend to gloss over the pitch with a generic template. As a client, you may not notice an agency simply phoning it in during a pitch, […] […]

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As technology rapidly changes and evolves, the world of marketing agency is changing right along with it – is your agency along for the ride? Or are they playing catch up? Rapid advances enabled by the internet and social media have upended the old way of marketing.  Marketers have to change how they think about […] […]

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Banks and hospitals have a real advantage over other companies when it comes to finding marketing agencies. There are many agencies in many markets that can bring a lot of experience in the banking and healthcare sector.  So if you’re a bank or a hospital, you really don’t have to look too far to find […] […]

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