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In Need of a New Marketing Agency?

We Can Help You Find a Better Agency - At No Cost!

 RSW/AgencySearch is a marketing agency search firm that specializes in finding better agencies (of all types/sizes/geographies) for marketers…
at no cost to the marketer.

We primarily help smaller budget marketers ($1M-$15M) find right fit agencies.

We also help larger budget marketers find specialty firms (e.g. kids, shopper, experiential).

Our database of over 6,000 agencies (of all types/sizes/geographies) gives us visibility to a wide range of agency options for you.

We make it easy for you – all you do is evaluate best-in-class agencies.

We build each search custom to meet your specific needs – no matter how specific.

We cost you nothing.

Our model is unique to the Industry.


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Finding Better Agencies Blog

We all look for category experience. We all know it’s important.  It helps agencies ramp up faster.  Less training and coaching is needed.  Ideas used with other clients in the same category (that have proven successful) can be replicated in your world. From a search standpoint, it makes it easier to organize an initia […]

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Oftentimes, marketers and some search firms will look for agencies based solely on what is functional and ignore the principal of relevancy. They’ll focus on the degree to which the agencies in consideration are the: Right size Have the right experience Are situated in the right location Bring the right expertise to th […]

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While there’s no question that finding a good set of marketing agencies to review is no easy task, one of the toughest parts of managing a search on your own is effectively defining what “The Challenge Document” is going to say. By “Challenge Document”, I mean the document that defines what it is you want […] […]

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