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Finding Better Agencies Blog

Think small…get small holds true for marketing agencies just as much as it holds true for marketing clients. We just found out that one of our marketing agency clients won a major piece of business with a firm many hundreds of miles away from their shop.  The agency had historically had most of its business […] […]

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Hiring a marketing agency is one of the most important decisions you make for your business. The relationship has huge potential to impact your bottom line. In a perfect world, you find an agency that meets all of your needs and more. But in reality, these relationships don’t always last. Here are 6 signs that it’s […] […]

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Agencies get tired. The people get tired. So the account tires. Why is that? I suspect there are a few reasons why this happens: The creative team and account team gets bored. They might like you as people, but they’re tired of putting together the same ads in the same industry year after year. I’ve […] […]

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Leo Burnett was…and still is, right. Leo Burnett told his agency when he was leaving in 1967: “when the apples become apples for eating and they don’t represent the core, the essence of who we are…it is then time to take my name off the door”. Burnett, the agency, had a bowl of apples at […] […]

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