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Finding Better Agencies Blog

Align before you search.  Look before you walk. Some of this is self-serving, but frankly most of it is intended to help the marketer as he/she starts looking for a new marketing agency. Self-serving in that going back and forth to try and truly understand what a marketer wants when looking for a new agency […] […]

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Is there trouble in paradise?  Are marketers and marketing agencies headed for splitsville? What steps can be taken to transform a dysfunctional relationship to one that is more productive and keeps everyone happy? Evolve Or Perish Throughout North America and Europe, industry studies revealed that by not responding to […]

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It’s a given that technology is going to drive the marketing of tomorrow. The key to success is knowing what technology and applications are going to be the winning venues for reaching consumers. Marketers have to meet consumers on the ground that they choose. More and more that ground is found in real time on […] […]

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So what marketing lessons can we learn as marketers and advertisers from the last 18 months? That bombastic wins the day? That division is the way to go? That hateful rhetoric is smart marketing? Don’t think so. What he has shown us is the importance of defining a positioning and staying true to a positioning […] […]

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