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 RSW/AgencySearch is a marketing agency search firm that specializes in finding better agencies (of all types/sizes/geographies) for marketers…
at no cost to the marketer.

We primarily help smaller budget marketers ($1M-$15M) find right fit agencies.

We also help larger budget marketers find specialty firms (e.g. kids, shopper, experiential).

Our database of over 6,000 agencies (of all types/sizes/geographies) gives us visibility to a wide range of agency options for you.

We make it easy for you – all you do is evaluate best-in-class agencies.

We build each search custom to meet your specific needs – no matter how specific.


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Finding Better Agencies Blog

Managing your business is no easy task.  No matter how small or big the assignment is.  You could be a Brand Manager on one of 100’s of brands, or you could be the CMO of a large Fortune 100 company.  The challenges, while different, feel the same. If it’s not pressure from the board or […] […]

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Just finished up a search for a tourism/destination client and had a number of agencies that were quite the specialist.  They had solid pedigrees in the tourism/travel space. About a year ago, managed a search for a hospital in Michigan and had a number of agencies that had solid pedigrees in the hospital/healthcare sp […]

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It’s been five years since we started RSW/AgencySearch and we’ve amassed our own “Top 10 List” of tips from the front line of pitching, RFI responding, and general review “etiquette” that can help agencies better their chances of winning when in a review. We thought we’d share these with you, the Marketer, as they can […]

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