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In Need of a New Marketing Agency?

We Can Help You Find a Better Agency - At No Cost!

RSW/AgencySearch is a marketing agency search firm that specializes in finding better agencies (of all types/sizes/geographies) for marketers – at no cost to the marketer.


RSW/AgencySearch primarily helps smaller budget marketers ($1M-$15M) find right fit agencies and larger budget marketers find specialty firms (e.g. kids, shopper, experiential).

Our database of over 6,000 agencies (of all types/sizes/geographies) gives us visibility to a wide range of agency options for you

We make it easy for you – all you do is evaluate best-in-class agencies

We build each search custom to meet your specific needs – no matter how specific

We cost you nothing.  Our model is unique to the Industry



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Finding Better Agencies Blog

Marketer mistakes when searching for a new marketing agency isn’t something that happens regularly…but it does happen and they can be avoided. Searching for an agency is no easy task. So many to choose from. So little time. So difficult to sort out the realities from the dog and pony shows. And the other thing […] […]

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Creating the perfect marketing agency search is no easy task. Especially when time is in short supply, information is incomplete, and change is needed now. I have had the opportunity to sit through close to 100 final pitch presentations over the roughly 30 searches we’ve managed since the start of RSW/AgencySearch in 2 […]

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Going at it alone can be a good thing under certain sets of circumstances. Going at it alone when looking for a new marketing agency isn’t always the best way to go. In our latest survey (to be released soon) 42% of marketers that tried to find an agency on their own believed that the […] […]

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