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Finding Better Agencies Blog

PepsiCo has it right and has given its marketing people and the agencies involved with the account an early Christmas present. Ad Age reported in an article the other day that they are eliminating procurement’s involvement in making decisions as it relates to marketing and agencies.  Amen!  Hallelujah! I’m all for proc […]

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There are three words of wisdom I live by and have impressed upon our team since the start of the business 10 years ago today (11/11). Add value Continuously re-invent Stay true to your core Actually there’s a fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh that are more important than any of these three: Be nice, respectful, […] […]

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Rob Lynch, CMO of Arby’s gave an inspirational (and rather humorous) speech at this year’s ANA suggesting that every marketer, agency, and supplier needs to embrace who you Ar-by’s (I actually made up the line…he just gave the great speech)! Arby’s has long drifted, all the while trying to find its identity…trying to b […]

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