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Our goal is to put a group of best-in-class agencies in front of you that are hard to choose from, because so many are so good.

We commit 2 months to the search process, from start to finish, with no guarantee of payment to us* unless you find an agency you absolutely love.

We bring decades of marketing and agency experience to our disciplined process.
We have helped nationally recognized companies and brands since 2010.
We manage project or AOR searches with marketing budgets $500k+.

We know where the best talent is, with our database of over 10k agencies.
* We make our money by taking a small commission from the winning agency.


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Finding Better Agencies Blog

I started RSW/AgencySearch with the objective of giving marketers of good name, but not huge spends, an opportunity to use an organized search process without having to pay a dime. I also started it because I saw a lot of agencies getting involved in some pretty bad searches: cattle calls, mass conference calls, limite […]

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I just completed a webinar with about 100 marketers in attendance that spoke to some of the critical factors that will help determine whether or not your agency will survive – or at the very least survive their relationship with you. With today’s environment changing at speeds well in excess of where they have been […] […]

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Ever visited a marketing agency website and wondered what the heck the agency actually did? Or have you ever visited a marketing agency website to look for work relevant to your category and found it harder than heck to locate? Ever visit a marketing agency website to see just how different that agency was from […] […]

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When Leo Burnett left his Agency, he told employees that in order for the Agency to succeed long-term, they needed to continuously add value to their clients’ lives otherwise they would just be like everyone else. They needed to be proactive, they needed to be a smart strategic partners, they needed to have a passion [ […]

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